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Commercial - Dowdals Mill, Grattan Street, Cork

Commercial building conservation
Commercial building conservation

Project Background

This project commenced in 2006, it was originally built in the 1800's as a soap factory. It was restored and converted by Linehan Construction into a retail showroom. Work on this listed building included restoration of stonework, roof, internal fit of the showroom, installing of 35 windows, 2 shop fronts, an entrance porch and workshop.

Materials and restoration methods used

Due to the preservation order on the building all materials had to be re-used or replaced by salvaged alternatives to match existing, an example of this would be the roof which had to be entirely replaced using some original and sourced reclaimed slate. We custom made all of the windows to conform to the required specifications of the preservation order. We also sourced conservation roof lights. Hydraulic lime mortar was used to repoint the stonework in compliance with conservation building requirements.

The building won 1st place in Cork City Council Building Awards for Best Commercial Frontage 2008.


With our knowledge of products, best practices and material sources we can ensure that your project is as cost effective as possible without compromising on quality or finish. Our experience ranges from the construction of contemporary commercial buildings to the restoration of conservation buildings such as restaurants, hotels and listed public buildings.