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Passive Homes

A passive house combines high-level comfort with very low-level energy consumption. Passive components like thermal windows, insulation and a heat recovery system are the key elements. On the outside a passive house is no different from conventional buildings as passive refers to a standard of construction and not a specific construction method. The passive house is a low-energy building standard that has been consistently refined.

What’s so special about a passive house?

  • Exceptionally high level of thermal insulation
  • Well-insulated window frames with triple low-e glazing
  • Thermal bridge construction
  • Airtight building
  • Comfort ventilation with highly efficient heat recovery ventilation system.
  • Southern orientation
  • 50% better building fabric insulation (u-value) than standard construction
  • Triple glaze windows

In terms of energy efficiency a passive house will consume typically; 90% less energy than a standard house built in 2007 70% less energy than a low energy house (BER = A3). The passive solar house concept was born in Germany but has been gaining a lot a ground in Ireland in the past few years. The passive home standard can be achieved with almost any construction method, block, timber etc.

The benefits of a passive home

  • Bright fresh comfortable living spaces especially with open plan designs
  • Exceptionally low energy bills - potentially zero
  • Low construction carbon footprint
  • Low lifetime carbon footprint
  • Future proofing against potential oil price increases
  • Constant supply of warm filtered fresh air
  • Increased re-sale value for your new home

Energy Efficient Homes

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